Work, dedication and love are concepts that explain
the history of success of Marilan, which began in 1956,
when Maximiliano and Iracema Garla decided to offer
a quality and special product in other people's house.
Inaugurated in March 31, 1957, the company called
as Indústria de Biscoitos Marilan Ltda. born in a modest
building located in Marília - São Paulo State.
The first Maria, Water and Salt, Coconut and Cornstarch
biscuits were produced in a small production and
in a bakery style wood-heated oven.
After acquiring an industrial oven called "Super Volcano", the production
rose to 300 kg of biscuits per hour.
As the products were gaining a market share, new machines were purchased,
which were able to produce 600 kg of biscuits per hour.
In the 70s, the Garla family made the important decision to invest in a larger
and more modern new industrial plant.
In 1976, the new industrial plant with 67 thousand square
meters was inaugurated. At that time, the company
had 250 employees.
The manual processes were replaced by automated equipments further
extending the productive capacity.
In the 90s, Marilan reached 84 thousand tons of biscuits produced
per year and 1,300 direct employees.
Since then, with differentiated products , Marilan did not stop innovating
and bringing treats for their customers.

Marilan today

Do you remember that combination of love, work and dedication? This is our Happiness Recipe, which makes Marilan, a 59-year company, the 2nd largest biscuits manufacturer in Brazil.

The plant is located in Marília, in São Paulo State, however, the biscuits are consumed throughout Brazil and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Marilan currently has 21 manufacturing lines and 53 thousand square meters of constructed area. Its industrial park, which has a production capacity about 200 thousand tons per year, uses modern automated equipment and processes.

Did you know?

Marilan produces about 1 million and 200 thousand packages or 80 million biscuit units per day.

Marilan portfolio has more than 100 kinds of biscuits, among  Cracker Snacks, sweet, buttered, donuts, sandwich biscuits, Turmix, wafers, cookies and special biscuits.

Marilan currently has around 3,000 employees, of which 1,662 are directly linked to the production process.

The plant operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

The Marilan biscuits are consumed in more than 50 countries on all continents.

Marilan Biscuits

The quality of the biscuits and customer satisfaction are the main goals of Marilan.

Nutritional and quality products undergo a rigorous quality control that involves all stages of the production and distribution process.

Know Marilan

Mission and Values


The products quality and customers satisfaction are the main goals of Marilan.

Nutritional and quality products undergo a rigorous quality control that involves all stages of the production and distribution process.

Our Values

  • Respect to ethical principles, honesty, clarity and truth in the actions.
  • Belief in the business as an essential factor for undertaking and growing.
  • Love and dedication to work.
  • Product quality.
  • Commitment, constructive attitude and seriousness in dealing with consumers, customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Responsibility.
  • Humility and simplicity.

Marilan in the world

Marilan biscuits have conquered the international market due to its quality and recipe for happiness.

In many parts of the world, people of all ages and cultures, enjoy Marilan biscuits. Marilan currently exports to over 60 countries in all continents.

América do Sul

Brasil – Bolivia – Chile – Colômbia – Equador – Paraguai – Peru – Suriname – Uruguai – Venezuela

América Central

Costa Rica – Haiti – Trinidad & Tobago – Curaçao – Honduras – Cuba

América do Norte

Canadá – Estados Unidos


Holanda – Portugal


Nigéria – Ilhas Mauricio – Marrocos – Rep. Dem. Congo – Niger – Madagascar – Ilhas Maiote – Moçambique – Angola – África do Sul – Cabo Verde – Gabão – Quênia – Egito – Guiné – Equatorial – Argélia – Camarões – Libia – Gana – Uganda – Burquina Faso – Etiópia

Oriente Médio

Palestina – Iraque – Iêmen – Omã – Jordânia – Kuwait – Israel – Arábia Saudita – Emirados Árabes – Líbano – Catar


Filipinas  –  China  –  Maldivas  –  Singapura  –  Japão


Papua Nova Guiné – Austrália – Ilhas Fiji

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